Roger – Dynamic Soundfield

Roger Dynamic Soundfield

Meetings are most productive when participants can hear clearly, and presenters can talk at a comfortable level.

Improved productivity

Soundfield systems decrease background noise and help employees pay attention, hear and understand the presenter better.

Unrivaled Performance

Offering best-ever speech-in-noise improvements for normal hearing individuals, Roger SoundField is in a class of its own.

Easy to Use

Just plug in, turn on and let learning begin.

Fully Connected Meeting Rooms

Multimedia devices used in conference rooms (e.g. TVs, MP3 players, smartboards, laptops and tablets) can easily be connected to the Roger Multimedia Hub & allow a presenter’s voice to be heard simultaneously with an audio signal.

What is Roger Soundfield?

The Roger Dynamic SoundField is a meeting room amplification system featuring high sound performance combined with plug-and-play simplicity.

The right speaker for every room

Regardless of the size, Roger SoundField delivers crystal-clear sound to an entire room, making listening, focusing and learning easier.

Roger DigiMaster 5000

Roger DigiMaster 5000 is the perfect solution for average-sized classrooms. Coupled with a Roger SF Touchscreen Mic, this system offers the ultimate instant-sound performance

Roger DigiMaster 7000

Roger DigiMaster 7000 is the system of choice for bigger spaces. The system can transmit over a larger area and has the option of being connected in a network of two speakers, therefore covering double the range of one DigiMaster 5000.

Roger DigiMaster X

The DigiMaster X receiver can be plugged into an existing soundfield system to ensure every listener enjoys Roger-quality speech understanding. Classes can be recorded by attaching it to a recording device.

One of two microphones can be chosen for the Roger Dynamic SoundField.

The Roger SF Touchscreen Mic continuously estimates the surrounding noise and automatically optimizes the volume, ensuring that speech remains loud and clear for everyone.

The Roger Touchscreen Mic offers compatibility with hearing instruments and personal Roger receivers.

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